Critters We Kill

If pests persist...we persist!

Here at CritterKill, we are experts at eliminating all types of common pest problems for both commercial and residential premises. From spiders and cockroaches, rodents and birds; our friendly team know how to destroy pest infestations and prevent them from coming back.


Using extensive interior treatment, including spraying, baiting, and wall or ceiling treatments, we can get rid of cockroaches in and around your home or business.


We use different treatments to eliminate all species of spiders, including spraying exterior furniture and garages for redback spiders, exterior spraying for black house spiders, and interior and exterior sprays for huntsman spiders.


We use a variety of cutting-edge treatments to detect and eliminate all species of ants found in and around the home. 


Our experts use only superior quality baiting and chemical barrier systems to protect your property from the damage of termites. Our Termidor system comes with an 8 year, 2 million dollar warranty. Now that’s true peace of mind!


We effectively eliminate Silverfish, by targeting the most commonly known areas such as cupboards, drains, and under appliances.

Carpet Beetle

We use a blanket spray over carpets and any affected areas to treat carpet beetle problems. We can also fumigate to eliminate particularly severe infestations.


To exterminate and control rodents, we use highly effective baiting programs, as well as removing and clocking all access to food sources.


By using traps, baits, and nets, we’ll prevent birds from becoming a pest and leaving droppings across your premises.