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If you’re like many of our population, spiders creep you out. Lurking in the shadows, crawling everywhere at night and springing out at you from unexpected places – there’s a reason spiders are one of the most feared creatures in Australia. So if you want to make sure there are as few of them as possible in your home or commercial entity, you’re absolutely not alone. And that’s where we come in.

Professional spider control services

As the leader in Brisbane pest control services, we are experienced spider control experts, exterminating and protecting against spider infestations in both commercial and domestic settings. 

Spider control in Brisbane involves taking steps for the interior and exterior of your home or commercial facility, including the treatment and spraying of all of your interiors, exterior furniture, buildings, property and perimeters, as well as spraying garages, carports and doorways. In addition, we do specialised spraying for redback spiders, black house spiders, huntsman spiders and more. 

Our Brisbane spider control services protect against infestations and problems from occurring in the first place, prevent spiders from crossing barriers and locate and exterminate any existing spider infestations. We are experienced in finding, removing, eliminating and preventing spider problems in all domestic and commercial settings.

Our Brisbane spider control services include:

We use a range of treatments to eliminate all species of spiders, including eliminating redback spiders, exterminating funnel-web spiders, and getting rid of all spider species. 

Whether you have, or suspect a spider problem, want routine preventative measures to stop that from occurring, or all of the above, we can help with fast, effective and reliable Brisbane pest control services that target spiders specifically.

How to tell if you have a spider problem: the early signs of infestation

Spiders like to hide in dark and sometimes damp places where they can access insects, flies, ants and other food sources. It can be hard to tell if you have a significant infestation already, or could have a problem soon. Here’s how to tell.

You notice more webs

If you notice more spider webs in or around your home, office, backyard or exterior, you may be seeing the early signs of a spider infestation or evidence of an existing problem.

As many species of spiders like to hide away during the day or blend in well to the surroundings, you can’t always rely on spotting the spiders themselves. More webs, however, are a good indication you have a problem.

You spot spider eggs or spider sacs

You can sometimes find spider egg sacs on webs and attached to surfaces or on the mother spiders themselves.

If you find these around, you will likely soon have an infestation on your hands – each sac can hold about 100 spider eggs. Spiders usually mate when the temperature gets a little cooler, in Autumn.

You notice more spiders themselves

If you’re seeing more spiders, there are probably many more hiding away. If you see more spiders around, they’re likely being attracted by a food source – which can indicate another pest problem in your home or business. If you’re spotting more spiders around your business or home, it’s a good time to get professional pest control specialists onto your property – to tackle the spider problem, and look for other pest infestations. In the same way, if you notice an influx of insects at your property, getting a handle on the situation quickly is recommended, before a resulting spider problem occurs.

We can identify spider problems at your property

As professional spider control specialists, we can locate or identify spider infestations, likely problem sources and likely future problem areas. Get a free professional spider control quote today for your home or business to learn more.

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Prevention is key

Prevention is often the best cure. Ideally, you don’t want to have a spider problem in the first place. Prevention is key and regular treatment and spraying can go a long way towards keeping the creepy crawlies from overtaking your property and minimising the risk to the people, loved ones and pets that frequent your home or business. 

Ongoing spider prevention and control

Regular spider prevention measures are essential to prevent spider infestations and outbreaks from occurring. This includes regular treatment and spraying and investigations when a problem is suspected or more webs, spiders or insects are sighted.

Other preventative measures that go hand in hand with regular preventative treatments include ensuring your commercial business or domestic household remains clean and clear of clutter, minimising mould and moisture, and regularly airing out damp areas like the carport, laundry and bathroom. 

Ensuring that other pest outbreaks are tackled quickly and successfully with professional pest control services is a particularly important preventative measure for spider situations.

Protect against spider infestations

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The most commonly found Brisbane spiders we kill:

Redback spider

The Redback spider is likely the most dangerous spider you’re likely to find, as far as common household spiders go. A redback spider bite can be fatal at worst and extremely painful at best.

Many of these bites happen when people are gardening or completing household chores like cleaning and unwittingly disturb a redback spider. Routine spraying and treatments for prevention is key, as well as taking care around the house, yard and business.

White-Tail spider

While the white-tail spider is less common, they are located right across Australia. White-tail spiders are known for their bites causing ulcers, which are said to eat away at the flesh.

However, there is no proof of this, and scientists have concluded that this is not the case. Instead, swelling, mild pain and localised itchiness are the reported effects of a bite.

Huntsman Spider

Huntsman spiders are common to find in homes and businesses, and most Brisbane residents have experienced their fast-moving disappearing tactics. These spiders like dark and hidden places, which is why they are often found behind curtains, in cupboards, hiding with linen in linen closets and in carports and sheds.

While they are not considered harmful to humans, they are not pleasant, and an infestation of huntsman spiders in your home or business is literally the stuff of nightmares. Left out of control, spider issues can multiply significantly, and up to hundreds could be tucked away in hidden places.

Daddy Long-Leg spiders

While daddy long-leg spiders are not considered harmful to humans, most humans do not like the thought of them crawling over them at night or near their babies or pets. These spiders are among the most commonly found household spiders in Brisbane and can be hard to spot. 

All other spider varieties

As Brisbane’s leading professional pest control service, we kill all spider species for domestic and commercial entities. There are ten thousand spider species in Australia. We can take care of pest control for all of them, including the Golden Orb Weaver Spider, St Andrews Cross Spider, Trapdoor Spider, Common black house spider, Wolf Spider, Funnel Web Spider, Mouse Spider and many more.

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