Commercial Pest Control Services

Commercial Pest Services

We offer a wide range of services to commercial establishments such as restaurants, large factories, or even grape vineyards. It is just as important to have your business pest free as your home.


Do you own a warehouse or a large space, and have problems with pigeons, rodents and cockroaches? Or are you worried about the quality of life or health and safety issues for your employees? Our warehouse pest control services can help.


Want to ensure your restaurant passes health & safety inspections? Ensuring that your diners are safe from contamination due to pests is vital. If your restaurant has an infestation of rodents or cockroaches we can help.

Office Blocks

Common pests can easily find their way into premises through gaps, cracks and other openings in your building. If you notice spiders, mice or cockroaches in your office space, then it’s already time to act.

Apartment Blocks

As specialists in detecting and treating all types of pests in apartments and multi-occupancy buildings. CritterKill can remove infestations quickly and easily.

Our Process

The general process for our commercial services is:

step one

Initial phone call to identify the problem and discuss the general details.

step two

Recommendations will then be made for the best service for you.

step three

We visit your home or business for a site audit and inspection.

step four

Creation of a detailed proposal, including site plans and treatment strategies.

step five

Critterkill will commence pest control services.

do it the critterkill way

General Commercial Pest Services

Pest related issues and infestations are common among a wide variety of different industries, such as food & hospitality, hotels, office spaces, warehouses, apartments, and so many more.

No matter the type of commercial or industrial property, we guarantee that we can fix your pest problems.

Our services will include identifying risks, forming strategies to manage risks, and holding regular inspections using state of the art technology with professional care so that we can provide the best experience for you.