The Founders

Clayton Butler


Co-founder of CritterKill

After previous experience in the industry, Clayton realised there was a void in the local pest control market. New cutting-edge technology was yet to be utilised and additionally, data-based pest inspection reporting for residential and commercial clients were yet to be introduced.

Once teamed up with Jake’s hi-calibre pest knowledge and unparalleled quality standards, CritterKill was born. Clayton and the team at CritterKill are constantly updating their training and skills to stay atop of the industry and ensure they are providing the best quality of work to their valued clients.

Jake Maloney

Operations Manager

Co-founder of CritterKill

When Jake was approached to start CritterKill, he was already atop of the pest control industry in regards to quality of workmanship and customer service. With Clayton’s logistical influence and demand for cutting edge technology, together they developed a completely unique service for their clients.

Jake is one of the most highly knowledgeable experts in the termite control and commercial pest control industries. He can provide multiple solutions to any pest problem as well as having endless insight for clients that have questions about the step by step pest elimination process.